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Welcome to a new era! Starting today you will be able to refer your friends and collect amazing rewards.


How does it work?

Visit the new buddy pass page and get your very own URL. Make sure to share it with your friends or family so you can both enjoy some juicy rewards. After sharing your URL, there are only two steps left in order for both you and your friend to get your hands on those epic prizes!

  • Step 1: Your friend clicks on the link and registers on Social Tournaments
  • Step 2: Your friend completes the KYC process and plays 5 tournaments



Welcome Package – as a newcomer to Social Tournaments, your friends will receive a Welcome Package of Lootboxes, so they can get a better understanding of our system.

Buddy Pass Ticket – Right after your friend has completed the KYC process and has played 5 tournaments, a special ticket for a Buddy Tournament that’s held every other Saturday will be added to your Collections. Both of you will have the chance to compete for more cash prizes.

A share of your friend’s winnings – besides the Buddy Pass Ticket, yet another perk is winning 10% share of your friend’s winnings for the next 6 months, and 10% share of their coins wins for a lifetime, with the maximum number of coins you can reach per week being 5000. If you want to withdraw your wins, please note that you’ll be able to withdraw only if you reached a minimum of €10.



Stats breakdown

All information about your buddies’ journey is displayed on your Buddy Pass page.

  • Name – your buddy’s name on Social Tournaments
  • Data Joined – the date when your friend joined our lovely community
  • KYC Status – shows if your buddies have completed their KYC process
  • Coins Bonus – shows if you can get a share of your friend’s coins
  • Cash Bonus – shows the date until which you can get the 10% cash


 To keep track of how much you’ve earned with your referrals, there’s a special section for your payouts:

  • Amount – the amount of cash you won as shares from your friends’ wins
  • Date – the date you were given the win
  • Status – shows the status of the payout
  • Method – shows the payment method you chose to collect your winnings

You can also check the total cash bonus and the total coins bonus you’ve earned so far, along with the number of players recruited right on the top of the Buddy Pass page, after you’ve logged in.

referral guide-4

We also offer some media assets if you would like to share them on a forum or social media and get more people to use your link. The more the merrier!